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Our Team

Our Team

In the symphony of success, our team is the harmony that brings every note to life. United by passion, fueled by creativity, we stand as one, weaving dreams into reality.

Our Administration

Meet the heartbeat behind the magic

Our team - a tapestry of talent, passion, and innovation. Each member, a storyteller in the narrative of our success, weaving dreams into reality.

Administrator &
Chief Executive Officer
SmartApp Technology Group
(DEG Pvt Ltd.)
Chief Financial Officer &
Co-Chief Executive Officer
Group Lead &
Operations Support Officer

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Operations Officer

Support Ambassador

Knowledge Base

Unlock wisdom effortlessly. FAQs, guides, and insights at your fingertips. Empower your journey with knowledge.

Sales Support

Seamless support, instant solutions. Elevate your experience with our dedicated sales support. We're here for you.

Whatsapp Community

Join our vibrant community on WhatsApp. Quick updates, exclusive deals, and a space to connect with fellow enthusiasts.

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